Holy Mole … Sauce

Ahh, the mole sauce, a staple of Mexican cuisine that is often feared by most at-home cooks. Given the immense complexity of the sauce (requiring upwards of 20 ingredients and quite a bit of time and effort), it is no wonder that there are short-cut mole recipes popping up all over the Internet these days. However, the old saying, “you get what you pay for”, can be applied here since these quick, easy, effortless mole sauces will most likely end up tasting rather bland and tasteless. Mole sauces should be rich and packed with more flavors than your taste buds can even begin to analyze. It is like a flavor extravaganza in your mouth. And, mole sauce is very versatile and thus can be used to top just about anything you can imagine (albeit, I do not know how well it would go over ice cream) or cook nearly every meat that you can find in your local grocer’s meat department (Mmmm, mole-braised lamb . . .).

While mole sauce originated in Mexico, we do not feel as though its only applications are in Mexican cuisine. The mole recipe below will take some time, but the yield is large enough that you can use it to cover some chile rellenos, braise some lamb shoulder, smother on a burger, or even as a dip for sweet potato fries. The possibilities are endless! We are confident that you will find a new, creative way to utilize this classic Mexican sauce (or, check out these other posts for some ideas that we have!). Even better, you could double the recipe below and use the sauce for a mole-themed party. The possibilities are absolutely endless.


Roasted almonds, raisins, and pumpkin seeds.

Toasted seeds and spices

Powdered seeds, spices, nuts, etc.

Smooth mixture of seeds, chilies, nuts, spices, raisins, tomatillos, tomatoes, onion, and garlic.

Mexican chocolate melting in the mole sauce.