Avocado Hummus: When East Meets West

While we are by no means experts on the wonderful dip that we call hummus, we like to think that there ought to be ways in which we can take it to a new level by making just a minor alteration to the standard protocol. Our avocado hummus is exactly that: it is hummus with avocado. If you do not like avocado (I tend to think that that is equivalent to saying that you do not like oxygen, but I can understand I suppose), just remove the avocado from the recipe and you will have yourself a fantastic hummus recipe. Now, with the avocado however, the hummus is much smoother and creamier. And, before you go ahead thinking that it is going to make the hummus appear green, remember that hummus is mostly chickpeas and so by adding just one avocado, the color is only changed slightly, but the texture and richness is changed immensely.


As with any hummus, serve the avocado hummus with some tortilla chips and/or naan/pita wedges is perfect. This hummus is perfect for the next football game, friday night get together, or a pre-dinner snack with te family. The possibilities are endless.


Roasted garlic and sesame seeds are in the food processor.

Avocado hummus served with naan wedges!