Basil Chicken and Roasted Garlic Pizza

We recently purchased a blender (finally) and so making vinaigrettes has become a hobby of ours. However, vinaigrettes do not have to just be used to top salads. They actually make very good marinades. So, instead of just topping our pizza with boring old grilled chicken, we marinate the chicken breasts in a wonderful basil vinaigrette and the saute the chicken on the stove top to get lovely caramelized pieces of chicken. We also decided to stray away from the mainstream pizza sauces and go with a garlic cream sauce that will end up being more like a garlic cream paste. It is packed with flavor and adds even more garlic to this already garlic filled pizza (yes, there is an entire head of roasted garlic on this bad boy). We also go with more than just mozzarella for this one by adding quite a bit of shredded manchego to give the pizza almost a nutty texture and taste. This pizza is like nothing you have seen before but is everything you could ever want in a pizza (except maybe some bacon).


This is a great pizza to serve for the upcoming Super Bowl or you could just simply serve it for your family on any day of the week. This pizza is super filling and so you do not need much to feed a hungry family of four. By combining numerous fresh ingredients into one pizza, the result is nothing less than extraordinary and will have both you and your family/guests pleading you to bake more (fortunately, the dough recipe will leave you with enough to make an extra small pizza). If you feel as though the cream sauce is just too heavy for your liking, you could very easily replace it with a marinara sauce to make the pizza quite a bit lighter. Other than that, this pizza is very healthy (well, healthier than most pizzas).

So, whatever the occasion may be, we hope that you and your friends/family find our basil chicken and roasted garlic pizza delicious.


Marinating chicken cooking!

Spread the pizza dough into a circle on your pizza peel.

Spread the garlic cream on the dough.

Add the basil leaves.

Add the roasted garlic cloves.

Add half of the manchego.

Place the mozzarella slices on the pizza.

Top with the chicken slices.

The basil chicken and roasted garlic pizza is resting before slicing.

The basil chicken and roasted garlic pizza is served.