Fish Tacos with Pumpkin Aioli

As of late, every where you look pumpkin is staring you in the face, which is ok for us, since we love everything pumpkin! We had a couple of pie pumpkins left over from the farmer’s market and were contemplating what to make with them that didn’t involve dessert or soup (since we’ve done that already). It was a total gamble when we decided to make a pumpkin aioli and use it as a spread on a fish taco. We didn’t know if the flavors would meld or if it would even taste good at all! When all was said and done we were more than pleasantly surprised! These tacos were so unbelievable, we didn’t even make a side dish. We are sure that if you love pumpkin, you will love this aioli and more importantly, will love this dish. Of course, we had to pair with a pumpkin beer and we can’t wait to share our experience with you!

This dish is so easy to make and besides the roasting of the pumpkins, it takes such little time. A mixture of fresh ingredients and fun cooking techniques really make this entree special. We first start by roasting the pumpkins until nice and soft – to a point, where the skin peels off very easily. We then top a warm corn tortilla with seared tilapia, cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, and our very own pumpkin aioli spread. Top with a little bit of cilantro and you have yourself a fish taco gone “autumn.” This recipe is the perfect addition to your fall favorites, we promise =).

We of course had to pair this dish with a pumpkin beer, and we came across one that got lost in the shuffle this year. It is The Bruery’s 2011 releasing of Burly Gourd. Unfortunately, this has been the only releasing of this beer. You may have come across The Bruery’s Autumn Maple, which is super popular, and you can find almost anywhere in the United States. This is a delicious seasonal beer, but the Burly Gourd is not the same. This beer is part of The Bruery’s Provisions Series, and we are still unsure if they are releasing this year. We are thinking the chances are probably slim, since most of the brews in the Provisions Collection are one time releases. Anyway, getting to the point, we found this beer stashed away in our beer collection, and were so excited when we came across it!

The Bruery’s Burly Gourd

Burly Gourd is a milk stout with a touch of pumpkin and spice, and although it has a touch of sourness, the pumpkin and spice really come out with each sip. It is in two words: absolutely delicious. I was so sad we only had one! It paired so nicely with our fish tacos and really brought out the pumpkin in the aioli. It is a perfect addition to any pumpkin dish. We know that the chances of you coming across a bottle are slim, unless you plan on spending over $100 a bottle on eBay, so any pumpkin stout will do, and you can always rely on Autumn Maple! Even though, the 2012 release hasn’t been released yet =). Look for it soon though at your neighborhood liquor store!


Pumpkin Halves!

Pumpkin Puree Concoction!

Tilapia and Other Essential Ingredients!

Step 1 – Naked Tortilla!!

Step 2 – Spread pumpkin aioli!

Step 3 – Add the tilapia!

Step 4 – Top with cabbage and tomato!

Step 5 – Add a few avocado cubes!

Step 6 – Add your white beans!

Step 7 – Top with jack cheese!

Yum Yum Yum!