Herb and Feta Stuffed Turkey Burgers

Zach and I have delved into making many different kinds of burgers, but we had yet to tackle the turkey burger; until now. Turkey burgers can be very tricky. 90% of the time they are too dry, and I feel like there is never enough flavor. I think I have maybe had one good turkey burger from a restaurant. The others were pretty much flops. When we were at Whole Foods and trying to decide what kind of turkey meat to buy, we decided to go with the turkey thigh (already ground) instead of the breast. Breast meat on almost any animal tends to get pretty tough if you don’t cook it perfectly. I think we made the right decision. Our turkey burgers came out super moist and really good too! I’m now starting to think that most people choose to use breast meat when they are making homemade turkey burgers. This may be why they are always so dry!

I know that we’ve already paired a dish with Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche, we decided to go ahead and do it again =). We had one more bottle lying around from earlier this year, and it was a great addition to this meal. We decided against something super heavy because we thought that instead of adding flavor to the dish, it would just take away from it. A Berliner Weisse certainly did the trick. The Festina Peche is so light and fruity it only helps the flavors of this burger. It’s a perfect beer and burger match up so try it at home!

Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche


Turkey Burger Mix!


Finished Product!