Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Believe it or not, this recipe was a tougher job than we had thought. Not because the muffins were difficult to make, but because it took us forever to find the recipe! This is actually Zach’s recipe: one that he’s had for over 10 years. The problem with Zach, is that he tends to misplace things. This recipe was one of those things. We had to improvise, and put Zach’s memory to the test. We didn’t do half bad! We were able to figure this one out and the result was just perfect.

We skipped the nuts in this recipe and subbed in chocolate chips, not just any chocolate chips, but Ghirardelli dark chocolatey goodness. We didn’t stop there though, instead of your traditional butter, oil or applesauce; we added buttermilk into the mix. Sure you will need to add a touch of oil as well for a much moister muffin, but the buttermilk was the key ingredient in this muffin mix.

The More Chocolate Chips the Better!

Another key component in this recipe, was the brown sugar. Not just light brown sugar, but the dark stuff. If you’ve never worked with it before, it is indeed very rich, but it’s the perfect addition. We divided the sugar measurements to half granulated sugar and half dark brown sugar. We also finished these babies off with a brown sugar and butter crumble. Don’t skip this step! This is the most important part! What’s a muffin without a crumbly topping?!

The More BANANAS the Better!

Although this recipe was a complete experiment in testing Zach’s memory, the result was pure perfection. I was a little worried as the muffins were baking. I may have filled the cups a LITTLE too much, but looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. This just made the muffins bigger and better. Unfortunately, I may have to spend the day cleaning the oven, since there are brown sugar crumbles all over the bottom of the oven.

This is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas morning if you are too busy preparing your other holiday fixings. It’s easy and quick and will keep your family and guests satisfied until lunch/dinner are ready! Try them this year, or just make them on a weekday and eat all 12 yourself, like I plan on doing.

Substitute a Little Buttermilk and You Have a Moister Muffin

Breakfast or Dessert, These Muffins Will be a Crowd Pleaser

Crumble Some Brown Sugar on Top and You’re Finished!