Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables

Something about the cool air and the snow made me want to roast a chicken yesterday. There is just something about warm, comfort food that makes you feel all cozy inside. That’s just what this roast chicken did. I’ve never actually roasted a chicken, so this was a new adventure, but a fun one! Once you get past the whole giblet removal and prep work, it’s actually very simple! And if any of you have roasted a turkey, then a chicken will be a piece of cake. This is a simple recipe that I’m sure most of you can handle!

If I were going to pair a warm dish like this with a beer, I would go with some kind of Christmas Ale. We paired it with Upslope’s Christmas Ale, which if you are not from the Boulder, CO area, you more than likely won’t be able to get. Any Christmas Ale will do though. Something with spice and warmth is the perfect addition to this dish and just adds to the comfort =).

A Slow Roasted Chicken is the Way to Go for Intense Flavor

I think the most difficult part about roasting the chicken for me was the actual carving of the chicken – something I’ve never actually done. On Thanksgiving day, I tend to take care of the side dishes and not the actual cooking and carving of the turkey. Maybe this year will be different! More than likely no though. I think I’ll delegate this task to my sister. I’m sure she will love it! Not…

Point is, I had to delegate the actual carving to Zach, who did a fabulous job and didn’t manage to “butcher” the bird too badly. Oh my and the result was unbelievable! I don’t usually love your traditional breast of chicken. It’s usually just too dry, and though it seems like chicken is one of the most simplest things on the planet to cook, it’s actually one of the hardest things to get just right. It’s either undercooked or it’s too dry. I have to say though, this was absolutely delicious. Probably the moistest piece of chicken I’ve ever had!

Roast Chicken

What’s a roasted chicken without a roasted chicken gravy! You have to have gravy! I’ve added this recipe as well, because it was a true experiment that worked out in my favor. If you’re going to roast a chicken you need the perfect gravy to go with it. Another addition to this dish, was the root veggies. I decided that I would roast this chicken on top of a thick bed of root veggies. With the addition of some onion and garlic, it was the perfect medley. Pair this dish wit your favorite mashed potato recipe or just serve with these veggies and a slice of bread. Either way, I’m sure you’ll be in love at first bite!

Perfectly Roasted Veggies