Blue Potato Pancakes – The Perfect Christmas Day Dinner Leftover!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, and we hope you have a great New Year too! We had a great Christmas and made some delicious dishes (which we will get to at a later time – I promise). Now that our cookies are FINALLY done, it was back to doing what we do best which is cooking our favorite dishes and pairing them with our favorite brews. My parents and sister are here to help celebrate the holiday and help eat all of the delicious foods. Today we made a special little snack from our leftover blue mashed potatoes from last night. Oh…my…God. They were to die for! Blue Potato Pancakes…what doesn’t sound delicious about that?! We suggest that if you have leftovers, you HAVE to try this one out.

Whether you have white, yellow, red or blue (purple potatoes), I’m sure most of you have some type of leftover potato. And if you don’t have any, then make some. It will be worth it. We found these cute little blue potatoes at Whole Foods the other day, and I had to make blue (purple) mashed potato for Christmas Day dinner. I really had no reason for it except for the fact that they were blue (purple) and just thought that they would look cool. They did taste extra earthy and fresh though. If you can get your hands on these, try them out. I really think they take on more of a purply color once you slice through them, but the skin is definitely blue, so call them whatever you like. I just like blue better than purple =).

Use whatever you have left in your refrigerator!

They are so cute.

What do you have when you smash mashed potatoes into a ball and flatten them: well a potato pancake of course!…a tradition I’m sure most of you already know of…Well it’s not THAT simple, but it’s pretty freaking easy. Just don’t forget the eggs and bread crumbs. Those are pretty important components. My mom, dad, or sister can be the judges, but I’m pretty sure they came out perfect: especially with those little hints of bacon and that dollop of sour cream. It’s certainly not a potato cake without some sour cream.

Add some sour cream!

…And add some bacon for a little bit of crunch!

For the beer pairing for this recipe, we suggest Okocim Porter. No it’s not just because potato cakes are Polish and this porter is from Poland. Ok, well yeah it’s part of the reason. I thought it was a fun idea =), and you certainly need a hearty beer for this dish. A porter is a perfect example of that! You don’t see many porters and stouts in Poland, so when Zach was in Poland this past summer, he had to pick up a bottle. What a wonderful idea?! I’m not 100% you can get this in the United States, but you can pick up a bottle of a different Imperial Porter. If you can’t get your hands on this, try getting a bottle of Gonzo from Flying Dog. This will certainly do the trick and it’s delicious.

Pair an Imperial Porter with this dish!


We hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays. Enjoy!