Day 16 – Chocolate Chip, Candy Bar Cookies

These are Zach’s fool proof slightly modified chocolate chip cookies, and I must say he worked very hard on them. =) These cookies are great in their normal state, but with the added candy bar pieces, they are unbelievable. Although, we do have enough to feed a small army because where as I adapt the recipe so I don’t overdo the amount, Zach makes the norm. At this point, I’m actually thinking he upped the amount! Hopefully he’s not reading this right now. I’m really not trying to dis him. He did such a great job!

Yes, even I get sick of baking, cooking and everything involved in the kitchen. It’s been nonstop here lately with our 20 days of Christmas Cookies, and not to mention that we do need to eat “regular” food (once in a while). So there is that whole making dinner thing also. We’ve become in love with the idea of making a “casserole” for the week. Surprisingly, we haven’t gotten sick of the things we’ve made as of late! It does get tiresome and everyone needs a break, and although I mostly really enjoy it, I needed a break.

Chocolate Chip, Candy Bar Cookies!

Everyone needs a break once in a while!

Zach to the rescue! He’s always there to pick me up when I fall down =). He made such a spectacular cookie too. He’s such a great little baker. They are quite beautiful too don’t you think?! They are full of vibrant colors form the M&Ms, that the cookie just screams “eat me!”

Zach’s such a great little baker =)

Vibrant Colors!

These cookies are an incredibly easy recipe to follow. If you’ve ever made chocolate chip cookies, then you can most certainly handle this one. Be careful when you are folding in your candies. Fold them gently. You don’t want them to become mushy and/or crushed. This can be tricky since it’s a pretty heavy dough. Take your time. We also suggest using dark brown sugar. I know light brown sugar is a popular item these days, but I just love the bold molasses(y) taste of the dark brown sugar. If there’s anytime to use the stuff, it’s in this cookie. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s your friend =).

Incredibly Easy!

Be careful with the candies!

There’s nothing more disappointing in getting a cookie when it’s mostly “cookie” and not enough “chip.” There’s a reason they are called Chocolate CHIP cookies. Be generous with your chippage! Also, be creative when it comes to using candy. Use what you want! We just happen to love peanut butter cups. So we used that as our main component, but the possibilities are endless! We really wanted to use Take 5 Bars, but the grocery store was sadly out of them =(. Oh well, next time. Get creative!