Time to use up all of those eggs! – Buttermilk and Garlic Quiche

My family was just here for the holidays, and this quiche recipe was originally supposed to be for my mom since she loves quiche and she is on this new paleo-diet kick. Time ran away from us though and I didn’t have time to make it for her when she was here. I of course still had to make it in the form of a Buttermilk and Garlic Quiche! The combination of buttermilk, garlic and cheese in this dish is remarkable and delicious, and besides the fact that I completely destroyed the crust, I was pretty pleased with the end result!

Ok, so let’s get one thing straight, I really really suck at making pie crust. I have no idea what I do wrong. I have tried almost every recipe in the book and it never comes out like the photos! It’s extremely frustrating. I’m not saying that it doesn’t taste fantastic, because it does. It just looks like it got mauled by a wildebeest. This is yet another example of that. It is ugly I know, but it is delicious. I would suggest using my crust recipe if you are patient enough to make it look pretty (I am obviously not), and if you want to get a tasty result. If you are looking for a shortcut, a pre made crust will work just fine =).

Garlic-y Goodness!!

If you love garlic, this recipe is for you. I went a little overboard, but I love garlic. If you don’t love garlic, I would probably cut the amount in half. It is very, very garlic-y. The buttermilk, I thought was a fun, interesting twist. I love using buttermilk, especially in scrambled eggs. It really elevates the flavor of almost any dish that takes some type of milk. So, if you can make scrambled eggs with buttermilk, why not make a quiche with it too! I really think this is the ingredient that makes it so special. Be careful though. I would definitely use some regular milk as well, but the use of buttermilk helps to get away from using half and half or heavy cream which seems to be popular in quiches these days.

Buttermilk is a perfect substitution for half and half or heavy cream.

So let’s be honest about something else, a quiche is really just a glorified scrambled egg pie that’s baked instead of cooked in a frying pan. It’s the perfect meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner…or snack…which is how I like to eat it. If you foresee yourself getting frustrated at the crust because it can be frustrating, go ahead and use the refrigerated stuff. It tastes just fine =).

Perfect any time of day!

Oh and the new tea towels are courtesy of my parents and the new pie dish is courtesy of Zach’s parents. Aren’t they cute and fun?!