Raspberry, Ginger and Cinnamon Jam

Raise your hand if you love jam! Now raise your hand if you love raspberry jam! I certainly do. I love ginger and cinnamon even more which is why I had this brilliant idea to combine them all into one. I really don’t know what I was thinking at the time. I mean I’ve had the three in combination in select desserts before and the taste was truly ravishing! What the heck, may as well give it a shot right? I am so incredibly happy that I did, and I’m also so happy that it worked out. I would have been very sad if it hadn’t. Zach wasn’t as happy with my jam endeavor today as I was. I’ll tell you why in a minute. Jams are so simple to make. It’s a wonder more people don’t do it. The canning part is the part I have yet to master. Don’t tell anyone, but I have decided to skip this part today.


Raspberry Jam!

With cinnamon and ginger!

So Zach wasn’t too happy that I decided to tackle jam making today…for a couple of reasons. Last night, as I was contemplating what to make today, I decided that I really wanted to can something. Nope, I’ve never canned before. Yup, it is the dead of winter. Nope, nothing is in season right now to even warrant canning. Still, I had this crazy desire to do it. I lack patience sometimes. I don’t want to wait months before our favorite fruits start popping out. I was quickly talked out of it for ALL of these reasons + the fact that I would have needed to buy a ton of jars, a large canning pot, etc etc etc…I was bummed, but I guess this summer has all kinds of great canning experiences in store! Anyway, I decided to make jam anyway and eat it quickly. So, as I was moseying along today making my jam, and wanting it extremely gingery, I almost had Zach running out the door.

Fact: 2 tablespoons of ginger goes a long way in flavor and in smell.

Fact: 3 tablespoons of ginger goes even further in flavor and in smell (which is why I only put 2 tablespoons in my recipe…I think most of you would find it too gingery to use the amount that I used…but hey be my guest if you’re feeling lucky!).

Fact: Ginger gets very very very very very very potent when boiling on top of the stove especially with the addition of acidic fruits and sugars.

Sweet and spice and everything nice.

Perfect with some crackers!

What do you get as a result? A permanent linger of ginger aroma in your entire house! Hey, it saves on candle buying! I happen to like the smell of ginger…even the overpowering smell of ginger. Zach? Not so much. I think he may have said “It smells like ginger in here. I think I’m going to vomit,” about 27 times. Such a cry baby sometimes! I tell ya!

Perfect on toast!


In my personal opinion, canning doesn’t make a ton of sense this time of year. People can to preserve those summer foods they can’t get in the winter. I should have thought about this before I threw a hissy fit last night. I do believe it’s still ok to make jams in the winter. You don’t have to use fresh fruits all the time. Let’s be honest you aren’t going to find the best produce just yet. I actually used frozen raspberries for this recipe. You are certainly not going to get the sweetness you would from a freshly picked raspberry, but it gets the job done and helps to tone down those cravings.

Well, Zach and I are making homemade pasta tonight, and no we are not using a pasta making machine. We are going old school and doing it by hand. I really hope that we are eating by midnight. If we are successful, I will have a fresh, rustic pasta with pesto recipe for you tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me…then you know what happened…

Have a great day everyone!