Breakfast Pizza

So, if you are anything like me, you just crave breakfast every once in a while. Actually, I think I crave breakfast more than every once in a while. I do eat breakfast, but it’s not usually until almost lunch time because I am absolutely never hungry early in the morning. So my chances of having a glorious stack of pancakes or just some eggs and toast barely ever exists. Zach also doesn’t eat breakfast…ever. He refuses to eat before he does his daily run…and by daily run…I mean daily run. He never misses a day. Case in point, I hardly ever make breakfast, unless it is for dinner. Last night we decided to make a glorious, yes glorious breakfast pizza. Yes, you got it, it tasted truly glorious. It was like the breakfast Gods were shining down on us yesterday because that’s exactly what this pizza tasted like. Breakfast pizzas are super easy to make once you have the technique down, and if you are anything like Zach and I, you will encounter a few “oopsies” along the way.


Yes it was a messy as it looks, but as tasty as it looks!

So let’s talk cracking an egg onto a pizza. Oh and let’s make sure it doesn’t spill over the edges of the pizza dough as you are cracking. Let’s also talk about how to slide that sucker into the oven so carefully that the egg whites don’t spill over the edge…AGAIN. It’s truly an art, and it takes a ton of practice. Let me just tell you, it was as fun as I’m describing. Just be prepared, that you may lose an egg in your oven during the process (and it will not be fun to clean up), unless you have super steady hands…which…of course I don’t. You could also try the old crack the egg onto the pizza already in the oven tactic. This way will work well if you don’t happen to burn your hand in the process. Hey, the choice is really yours. Zach and I managed to get it done by only breaking one egg yolk. Serious, serious skill I tell you.

I hope I haven’t scared you off. I promise you that it’s worth the heartache (This is exactly what I was feeling … heartache). This pizza was so deliciously scrumptious that I couldn’t keep my hands off of it. I would regret this an hour later, when I was so extremely stuffed that I couldn’t move, but still…totally worth it.

So it wouldn’t be a breakfast pairing without a breakfast stout. I know that I have gone down the breakfast stout route (hey that rhymes!) before, but it’s not breakfast without one. This is why we paired this pizza with Founder’s Breakfast Stout. Why you ask? Well it’s absolutely incredible, that’s why. It’s cinnamon(y) aromas and robust taste is like pouring a cup of maple syrup right over your eggs (if you do that … I … never … do … that). Unfortunately, the distributer’s of Founders haven’t made it to Colorado yet (shame on them), but we get buy with a little help from our friends in the Mid West and on the East coast. They’re always there to provide when we need it. If you can’t get this beer, then try any breakfast stout (or oatmeal stout). It’s the perfect pairing.

I have the Friday itch and it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, so we are going to head out to enjoy it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!