Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Kara came to town! Yay! If you all are wondering, Kara is my sister and she’s super cool (sometimes). She has quite the sweet tooth so I had to whip her up something extra special yesterday for her arrival. We celebrated with roasted chicken and carrots, but the dessert was the best part. So great in fact, that we ate it BEFORE dinner. I’m not going to apologize for such actions. We decided to keep it sweet and simple and make some delicious chocolate chip cookie bars. Chocolate chip cookies are always a great go-to when you aren’t sure what else to make. Everyone loves them and if you don’t, well that’s just weird, but anyway, we jazzed them up with brown butter, which is totally my go-to right now for cookies and sprinkled them with salt. In my eyes, this is the perfect dessert; and I think Kara and Zach approved as well.


We are keeping things super simple and sweet today because it’s a busy day and we have a TON to do, so I apologize for the quickness of this post.

I hope the pretty pictures will make up for it. =)

It’s hard to pair cookies with beer. Let’s be honest, you usually want a glass of milk or a cup of coffee with a cookie. If I had to pick any beer I would choose Avery’s Out of Sight as the pairing. This is a delicious stout brewed with coffee..Coffee..Cookies..You get the picture. I hope. Since it is impossible to get Out of Sight unless you are at the brewery when they tap it (they do not bottle it), then it’s kind of hard to pair with this delicious brew. Instead, we are going to go with Avery’s Out of Bounds, which you can totally pick up at your local bottle shop. It’s such a classic stout pumped full of flavor. It’s a must try and the perfect pairing.

So I’m leaving it at that today. I know I know. I’m such a slacker, but I do hope everyone enjoys their Friday and has a great weekend! Tomorrow we are making up a Slider (as in burgers) Bar and I am super excited to share these recipes with all of you. That post will be up Sunday, so get excited! … and if not, then just pretend to be excited =).