Strawberry and Rhubarb Milkshakes

I’m kind of obsessed with rhubarb here lately, and since I had some left over from the bars I made the other day, I had to find SOME way to use it. This milkshake was wonderful. It was even more wonderful after a 9 mile run today. Although, I think it most clearly resembles a dessert, I totally think it can be used as a post workout snack. Just add in some protein powder and you have yourself a real winner! I may have mentioned yesterday how rhubarb totally gets overlooked sometimes. Seriously though, when it’s prepared in the form of sweetness you would hardly even know it’s a veggie! Just remember…Don’t eat the leaves! They are full of toxins!





I’m going to devote this post straight to the photos because they almost look good enough to eat. Don’t you think?

I like this recipe because it incorporates some of my favorite ingredients all in one.


Frozen Yogurt



and more…

OH and the whipped cream. Oh my the whipped cream. It really was the perfect post run snack.

Try it out!

Oh yeah, and there’s no beer pairing with this one. I think that just goes without saying.

Happy Tuesday everyone!