Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow and Fruit Skewers


Because the 4th of July is right around the corner, that’s why! I have seen many “skewer-type” recipes out there that delve into the dessert category, but I wanted to go a slightly different route. I originally wanted to do this recipe with pound cake because pound cake is absolutely delicious and it’s holds up really well. Well, I went ahead and made the pound cake (which by the way came out absolutely scrumptious), but it went bad much faster than I thought it would. Maybe it was all of that butter. I kept half of it out for Zach and I to eat (which by the way, disappeared in one night) and refrigerated the rest. Bad move. It was just not good after a couple of days. In order to improvise, I decided to go with marshmallows (even though Zach hates them). They came out pretty freakin’ delicious if you ask me. You can’t really go wrong with s’mores and that’s just what these chocolate-dipped marshmallows taste like (except for maybe the toasting part – I don’t even know how you would begin to pull that off). What’s so great about this recipe is how easy it is. I really think it’s perfect if you are in charge of bringing dessert to your next patriotic get together … which just happens to be the 4th of July. So get to it! You know you want to =).







Chocolate dipped marshmallow and fruit skewers are totally the way to go for stress-free desserts. I feel like you kind of feel better about yourself when you add some fruit into the whole shebang (I’ve been using that word a lot lately – I’m not sure why). The sky is the limit with dessert skewers. Anything that is going to hold up well on a stick will do. Pineapple would be another great option. They are a great dessert fruit if you ask me. Use up what you have. Kids will love them almost as much adults will, and you may even be able to talk one of them into “skewering” them for you. I feel like they would find that fun, don’t you?

There will be no beer pairing today. I honestly couldn’t come up with anything that would pair well. A fruity beer just didn’t seem right and I thought it would take away from the marshmallow, and a chocolate, heavy beer just seemed too much with the “summerness” of this recipe. If you have an idea I would love to know what it is! If not, just stick with the usual – a nice glass of lemonade (spiked if you so desire).

I hope Monday wasn’t too horrible for everyone, but look on the bright side of things, you’re 1/5 of the way there! Have a great night everyone!