Chicken and Fresh Veggie Omelette


We don’t do omelettes very often around here, and I think the main reason is because we don’t do breakfast as much as I would like to. We of course do breakfast for dinner quite a bit, but this usually consists of something like pancakes or french toast doused in syrup. You can’t go wrong in dousing just about anything with syrup. It’s like the main rule to eating pancakes or french toast. Anyway, I decided to go with an omelette today. I was craving something “eggy,” and I thought this would do the trick. Omelettes are great because you can take whatever ingredient you like and toss it into the mix. It’s especially perfect for when you have leftover veggies. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly finding halves of vegetables. I can’t tell you the number of times I have found half of a bell pepper or half of an onion hanging out the fridge. Making an omelette is the perfect use for these leftover veggies. We paired this omelette with THE perfect summer beer in Anderson Valley’s Summer Solstice. Read ahead to know why =).







This omelette is monstrous…probably the biggest one I’ve ever made. If you are making a single serving, I even think that 3 egg whites would do the trick. I made this for Zach and I to split and we still couldn’t finish all of it. Chicken has to be my favorite part about this recipe. You don’t find chicken too often in omelette recipes and I don’t get why! It’s just the perfect addition, and it’s even more perfect when you can use leftover chicken. Skip the cheese and bam…you have a paleo dish; and did I mention it’s gluten-free? Yeah it’s pretty much the perfect recipe.

If you decide to pair it with beer than you may as will skip the paleo/gluten-freeness of this recipe, but I think it’s totally worth the extra carbs/wheat. When I think of a summer brew, I immediately think of Anderson Valley’s Summer Solstice. It is the DEFINITION of summer beer. Sure I could have gone the KBS route (although I haven’t had it in a couple of years due to us living in CO and Founders’ not distributing here — sad face). It would have worked and yes it would have been delicious as well, but since we are in the dead center of summer, I thought a summer beer would work better. Summer Solstice is perfectly refreshing, yet perfectly crisp and sweet. It is like taking a cool shower on a hot day. I love it for this beer pairing. It’s great with the fresh flavors of summer veggies. You certainly can’t go wrong on this one. Give it a shot!

Well tomorrow we are off into the wilderness. I’ve got chills running up my spine with excitement. I will be back on Wednesday with something delicious I promise. I hope everyone has a great weekend/week!