Fresh Peach Salad with Peach Vinaigrette


So, let’s highlight the flavors of summer just ONE more time before the season comes to an end; and make a fresh salad where the peach is the star! You really have to savor these moments! They will be gone in a jiffy. Did I just say “jiffy?” OH my. Anyway, I really loved this salad. I also really love peaches, so this might be why I love the salad so much. In this recipe, I really wanted the peach to shine, so I tried to tone down the amount of other ingredients I would use. This salad is perfection. It’s tossed with raw almonds and salty cheese and topped with a delicious homemade peach vinaigrette. The sweet and salty come together to produce some great flavors: flavors that I just adore. Use this recipe as a main course dish and top it with some chicken or serve it on the side of your favorite entree. It really is great any way, any day of the week. It’s simple, affordable and refreshing. You can’t really go wrong! Unless of course you don’t love peaches, but who doesn’t love peaches!?






I’m going to go a bit unconventional with this beer pairing. I’ve never actually gone down this road before, but there is a first time for everything. Let’s talk Lindemans. I don’t normally go the international route unless it’s brewed by Mikkeller or Sam Smith. Which BY THE WAY, Mikkeller just opened a tap room in San Francisco. Holy cow, I can hardly contain myself. It’s a good thing we will be in the area in December! Although, that seems soooo far away! So anyway, I really think that Lindemans belongs right up there too. It takes a special kind of dish to pair with Lindemans, and I think that this salad is that dish. Lindemans Pecheresse is just divine and perfectly, perfectly sweet. I also love the art of brewing these Lambics, and no one does it better than Lindemans. It’s fruity and has very champagne like qualities, which is why I love it =).

I hope everyone is having a great week!