Perfect Turnip and Garlic Mashed Potatoes


In our home, mashed potatoes are a must for a Thanksgiving side dish. You can’t have turkey without mashed potatoes, and you can’t have mashed potatoes without turkey (or duck…or goose…or ham…or whatever else floats your boat). That’s just how it works around here. There’s just something about the two. I think they were meant to go together. Let’s be honest, mashed potatoes can get pretty boring; and any time there is a chance to jazz them up, I take it. My mom always made the best mashed potatoes, so I usually try to mimic them as best as possible. She whipped up a turnip and garlic mashed potato once, and I knew that I would have to imitate that recipe this year for Thanksgiving. This recipe is a fun spin on a traditional favorite. You can leave it as is, or bake it off in the oven (with cheese and bread crumbs crumbled on top of course). These mashed potatoes are also great for the day after Thanksgiving and you are craving those potato pancakes. I may or may not crave potato pancakes at least once a week. I can’t apologize for this. What’s not to love about a potato pancake? So anyway, we paired this dish with one of our favorite brews. Read ahead for more!







Weather: It’s been a very strange day. We woke up this morning and it was pushing 70 degrees. We are now well into the afternoon hours and the temperature keeps declining. It’s now in the 30s! I have no idea what is going on. I just wish it would snow already! Is that too much to ask?!

What am I doing: It’s been a busy day of cooking. Pie and potatoes have been taking turns in the oven =). My mom just left yesterday after a fun-filled 5-day visit. I was sad to see her go, but she left us a large pot of the best red sauce ever! There’s not much better out there, and now we have enough sauce to feed an army! … Oh and by the way, Happy Veteran’s Day to all who serve our country (especially my Dad (=). We are all so very proud of you.

Recipe Fun Facts:

If you all have any questions, shoot me a message!

This recipe is pretty straight forward. You can’t really mess it up!

Beer Love:

I wanted something hearty and warm for this beer pairing, and Lefthand Brewing’s Milk Stout worked out just perfectly. This is a great stout, and it is great for the cooler months. It’s on the sweeter side and goes great with chocolatey desserts and barbecue, but I really love it for these mashed potatoes. I feel that the stout gives the potatoes more substance. Give it a try this Thanksgiving, and try it out on Nitro if you can get your hands on it! Either way, they are both spectacular. =)

Have a great evening everyone!