Biscoff (Cookie Butter) and Cinnamon Puppy Chow


There are few things more perfect in this world than puppy chow. Even though it is hard to admit, I adore it just as much as the next 10 year old. No just kidding, it’s not at all hard to admit. The stuff is delicious. Because I am on such a Biscoff craze lately, I decided to make a biscoff (cookie butter) version of a childhood favorite. You guys. This may be the best puppy chow ever. It is tossed in powdered sugar and the warm spices that represent the Fall and Winter months. If you aren’t familiar with the stuff, puppy chow normally combines Chex cereal, chocolate and powdered sugar. Butter is usually involved in some way, and you can get as creative or themed as you like. This is a great Holiday version, and I hope all of you enjoy it just as much as I do! Read on for the recipe and the best beer pairing ever.






Weather: Hey did you know!? It’s going to snow! At least it’s supposed to snow here and if everything goes according to “plan,” it will be A LOT of snow. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Recipe Fun Facts:

I’ve made puppy chow quite a few times, and although it is an extremely simple recipe, there are some things to know.

There is no cooking involved, unless you count the melting of the butter and white chocolate, but it will take you a few steps to get it just right. The first couple of times I made puppy chow were disasters. I just couldn’t get it right, and I didn’t know why. At first, I was using a bowl with a lid to coat the Chex cereal in the sugar mixture. This apparently works for many people. It did not work for me. I got giant clumps of Chex stuck together. It was a big old mess.

I find the best way to coat the cereal is by using a Zip-Loc bag. Not only can you shake the ingredients, but you can massage them as well. This allows for the cereal to get entirely coated.

Speaking of messes, YOU WILL MAKE A MESS. I promise you this. It’s worth it in the end though. It is so so so so so worth the mess.

Beer Love:

This is a 100% kid friendly snack. This being said, I find it a little unconventional to pair this snack with a beer. For us adults though, I thought that Avery Brewing’s Rumpkin would be perfect for this pairing; and it was. It so was. Rumpkin is the perfect Fall sipping brew. This makes it a great pairing with desserts (in my personal opinion). The warm spices of this snack are only enhanced by Rumpkin’s spice. It can be difficult to come across, but if you can get your hands on a bottle, I 100% recommend it.

Have a great evening everyone!