Strawberry Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies with White Chocolate Glaze


So is everyone getting ready for the big day(s)?! I know that I have a whole lot left to do. I can’t believe there is only a week left! Let’s talk cookies. These strawberry chocolate thumbprint cookies with white chocolate glaze remind me of a chocolate covered strawberry gone wild. No kidding. This is even more true with the white chocolate glaze. I love, love, love these cookies. Actually, I’ve never had a thumbprint cookie I didn’t absolutely fall in love with. These cookies are packed full of sugar and spice and everything nice. They are so flavorful and so delicious, that they will be gone in seconds. I promise you this. I’ve learned a lot in making thumbprint cookies over the past couple of years. They can be trouble if you aren’t patient. They can be quite finicky and aren’t the easiest cookie in the world to tackle. This is one of those recipes that each measurement has to be exact. Don’t let this scare you though. They are totally worth the effort. Read ahead for the recipe and a great beer pairing!







Recipe Fun Facts:

The first time I made thumbprints, they flattened out into pancakes. I totally didn’t have enough flour. It was a big mess. In fact, it took me a couple of years to get them just right. It was totally worth it though.

CHILL THE DOUGH. I know that we have been through this before, but CHILL THE DOUGH! =)

The preserve choice is totally up to you. I love using strawberry for this recipe for reasons I have already mentioned above. Chocolate covered strawberries anyone? Feel free to use what you have on hand though. No pressure =).

I have baked thumbprints with the preserves in them and without. Some say that it is important to bake them “empty,” so that you can reinforce the thumbprint as they bake. This is up to you. For these cookies, I did not reinforce the thumbprint, so the print wasn’t as pronounced as it could be. They taste delicious though, and that’s all that matters =).

Beer Love:

Beer: Trader Joes’ 2013 Vintage Ale
Brewed By: Unibroue
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 9%
Description: This ale is brewed with spices, which makes it a favorite around the holidays. It’s release is limited to once a year around the holidays. It has hints of cocoa and and coffee and pairs very well with sweets. It’s a beautiful color and a beautiful brew. Oh, and it sells for $4.99 for a 750ml bottle. Oh, and it’s 9%. Talk about some bang for your buck! Find it at your local TJs (that sells beer of course).

Happy 1 week until Christmas!