Sweet and Spicy Asian-Style Chicken Wings

You can’t have the Superbowl with wings, and you can’t have wings without the Superbowl. Well, actually that’s not quite true. You can have wings all year round, and it would be totally ok. Let’s just say that wings are 100% necessary on game day. They are the perfect indulgence. Wings are great because you can feed a lot of people for a little amount of money and effort. Instead of making the traditional buffalo wing this past weekend (the one with the Frank’s Red Hot and butter … which is also a total win), we decided to make an Asian version. I love Asian-style chicken wings, and for this recipe, I decided to kick things up a notch. These littles guys pack some heat, but are still perfectly sweet. You can’t have just one. This, I can reassure you. They are great with an ice cold and refreshing brew. I suggest making 2-3 batches. I really don’t think 1 batch will be enough ;).








Beer Love:Beer: 21st Amendment’s Bitter American
Brewed By: 21st Amendment
Style: American Pale Ale/Session Ale
ABV: 4.4%
IBU: 42
Description: Bitter American is one of my favorite pale ales. It is delightfully refreshing, but still quite hoppy. I love to pair it with spicy and flavorful foods, which is why I think it is the perfect pairing for these sweet and spicy asian-style chicken wings. Even though it is lower in alcohol content, you still get all of the big and bold flavors. You can pick up cans of this delicious brew all year round, so give it a try!






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