Honey and Sriracha Glazed Chicken Thighs


Zach is a sucker for boneless, skinless chicken thighs, as am I. When they go on sale, forget about it. We stock up for decades. I feel like boneless, skinless chicken thighs are always second to chicken breast though. Personally, I think they have a ton more flavor and are wayyyyyy more delicious. I feel bad for them sometimes. =( Really, I do. But anyway, this isn’t a memoir about my love for chicken thighs. This recipe is delicious. There’s no way around it. It’s simple and quick and can be on your dinner table in less than an hour. The chicken is tossed in a delicious sauce of sriracha, honey, soy sauce and more, and is then baked to perfection in a nice hot oven. This recipe is perfect for a weeknight meal. Read ahead and learn why it’s 100% necessary that you line your baking dish!









…recommend that you line your baking vessel (whether it’s a cast iron skillet or a glass baking dish…whatever) with foil. You will be so sad if you don’t. Why do you ask? Well, closely imagine yourself scrubbing your dish for hours on end because it is soooo sticky from the soy sauce and honey that even the dishwasher can’t wipe it clean.

Yup, it’s that bad. Save yourself time, heartache and agony by LINING YOUR DISH.

Please, dear God, line your dish.

Beer Love:

Beer: Aspen Brewing Company’s Independence Pass Ale
Brewed By: Aspen Brewing Company
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 62
Description: First things first, I seriously had to think about why I have never had a beer from Aspen Brewing Company after I have lived in Colorado now for over two years. I know. I should be ashamed of myself. Their beer is spectacular, and their IPA, Independence Pass Ale, is no different. This is a truly solid IPA, robust in citrus and floral notes. I love it for all of these reasons. I especially love it with this honey and sriracha chicken. IPAs go very well with spicy foods, and its bitterness really tones down the level of sweetness you get from the honey. It’s a great pairing and a great brew all together.









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