Whole Wheat Raspberry Muffins


So how many of us are excited that it’s Monday?! Not. I miss the weekend already. Believe it or not, even though I work from home, I do enjoy the time I get to spend with Zach over the weekend, since he goes to work everyday. It was sooo beautiful here too, and we have just been soaking up all this glorious weather and warm sunshine. The “sunshine” is what inspired this recipe. I really wanted some nice and light, but hearty and sweet for breakfast/snack-time this week. These whole wheat raspberry muffins are just perfect for the job. You get all of those flavors you crave with a breakfast muffin, along with bursts of brightness from the fresh raspberries. I love fresh raspberries, and for some reason they seem to be everywhere around here right now. These muffins can be packed full of whatever berry suits you!






A few tips:

I highly recommend that you use fresh berries. This is because if you choose to use frozen (I know that sometimes you have to if the berries you crave aren’t in season), the berries WILL most definitely bleed into the batter and cause them to turn the color of whichever berry you are using.

It’s also important to be very careful when folding in the berries. You don’t want to crush them. Just be patient. This may take a few minutes of careful folding.

Beer Love:

Beer: Bridgeport’s Trilogy 1
Brewed By: Bridgeport Brewing
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 40
Description: I usually go the opposite route when I pair with sweet treats and go with a stout of some sort, but I thought a pale ale would be a much better pairing for these raspberry muffins. They are on the lighter side and have me yearning for Spring, much like pale ales do. Bridgeport’s Trilogy 1 is crystal dry-hopped and may just be one of the best pale ales I’ve ever had. It’s so smooth, yet on the dry side. I really like it for these muffins, so if you are feeling spunky, whip up a batch of these breakfast delights and pair them with this pale ale!










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