These potato gratin stacks are the perfect side dish for your next fancy dinner.

Baked brie with candied walnuts is the perfect appetizer to serve during the holiday season!

Citrus Lavender Crepes with Amaretto-Infused Greek Yogurt are the perfect addition to your weekend brunch menus! They are bright and super simple to make!

Steamed Asparagus with Ghee Béarnaise Sauce is the perfect side dish for Sunday dinner, especially Easter Sunday dinner!

Easy cinnamon chocolate soufflés are nothing to be scared of. Soufflés are actually very simple once you get the technique down, so give this recipe a try!

These strawberry cheesecake chocolate crepes are the perfect sweet summer treat!

I could dive head first into a pan of these extra cheesy scalloped potatoes with pancetta. I’m not kidding you. This is how obsessed I am with this recipe. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong when sharp cheddar, monterey jack and gruyere collide in a pot of oozy savoriness. Oh, and did I …

How do you like all of that alliteration going on? I tried. I really did. I think “B” is officially my favorite letter, and it’s all thanks to this spicy sweet potato galette with broccoli, bacon and balsamic reduction (or maybe “S” is my favorite letter? hmmm..). So I was asking myself the other day, …

Brie is a guilty pleasure of mine. It just is. You can give me an entire wheel of brie, and I will finish it in one sitting. I really can’t help myself when it is smothered in honey and figs, berries and peaches (recipe coming soon), or in this case, grilled corn and mango salsa. …