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Paired with a Chocolate Stout Mexican chocolate brownie sundaes are the perfect sweet treat to curb that sweet tooth. Super fudgey brownies are made with a mix of semisweet and Mexican chocolates. A pinch of cinnamon and cayenne pepper give them a slight kick. They are topped with creamy vanilla ice cream, the perfect homemade …

Paired with a Porter Buttermilk blueberry dutch baby pancake with lemon crema is a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring. It’s highlighted with flavor pops of blueberry and the lemon zest in the lemon crema is the perfect slightly acidic compliment to a very sweet dish. Your favorite granola adds some much-needed texture …

Paired with a Porter Sweet rolls with blood orange, pomegranate glaze is a breakfast or brunch recipe perfect for the winter season when citrus is at it’s prime! Sweet rolls are very simple to make. A simple dough is made from the basics. A sweet cream cheese spread is the ultimate filling and the blood …

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