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Creamy Pecorino Spaghetti with Toasted Bread Crumbs

Paired with a Belgian Strong Ale Creamy Pecorino Spaghetti with Toasted Bread Crumbs is the perfect quick weeknight meal as it is hearty, delicious and simple! A simple dry spaghetti is boiled until al dente. Toss it with a creamy Pecorino sauce, top it with toasted bread crumbs, and sprinkle it with nutty Pecorino Romano […]

Braised Lamb Shanks

I thought with it being the beginning of March and all, I thought I’d start diving head first into recipes that make me happy that Spring is rapidly approaching. What I first think of when Spring is just around the corner is Easter. Now let me trace back a second. I am not religious by […]

Brown Ale French Onion Soup

I’m pretty sure this brown ale french onion soup has been a long time a-coming. I’ve been wanting to post a french onion soup for a long time, and of course, I needed to put my own little spin on it. Adding a brown ale into the mix is the perfect ingredient to set it […]