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Penne with Mushroom Cream Sauce

  This penne with mushroom cream sauce is one of those glorious recipes I have saved for all of you to enjoy while we are on our little road trip. At this time, I’m sure I’ll be basking in the beauty that is Wyoming and hopefully I’m having a fabulous time! Don’t worry, I’ll fill […]

Portobello Fries and a Happy IPA Day!

  Happy International IPA Day everyone! I feel like there is a holiday for everything these days, but this “holiday” is especially awesome because it involves beer and one of my personal favorite brew styles: the IPA. What I love about IPAs are all the sub-categories that go along with them. Good IPAs aren’t too […]

Chicken Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

  So we’ve been eating mushrooms like two crazy people eating mushrooms, but I’ll get into that in a moment. Stuffed mushrooms are a pretty solid appetizer don’t you think? We think so over here, but I often find that the stuffed mushrooms they serve at most restaurants are super boring. In an attempt to […]