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Oatmeal and Fig Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Paired with a Chocolate Stout Oatmeal and fig chocolate chunk cookies are the ultimate sweet treat. A traditional oatmeal and chocolate chunk cookie dough is flavored with chopped dry figs. A sprinkle of coarse sea salt adds that most necessary salt factor!

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies with Hazelnuts and Coconut

Have you noticed that I haven’t baked in at least a week? I know, I know…I’ve been on quite the dinner/savory kick here lately. I get into baking moods…anti-baking moods, where just the thought of breaking out my mixer gives me the chills. No, I’m totally not trying to diss my mixer. I love it…to […]

Loaded Oatmeal Cookie Bars

  I think it has been proven that desserts and sweets play a super, special role in bringing happiness to all. I really find this to be true. Whenever I’m sad, I just throw back a couple of candy bars, and all is well in the world. Yes, we stock up on candy bars. What? […]