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No-Bake Chocolate Snickers Tart

No-bake chocolate Snickers tart is the perfect summertime dessert. There is no oven baking time required with this recipe and very little hands-on prep! 

Tex-Mex Pie

Tex-Mex Pie is a savory pie that is loaded with spicy flavor and is perfect for a weeknight meal!

20+ No Bake Desserts for Summer

No Beer Pairing Today From mousse to puddings, to pies and cakes, here are 20+ no bake desserts for summer to cool you down as you beat the summer heat and to satisfy those sweet teeth!

Buttermilk Pie with Citrus and Graham Cracker Crust

Paired with a Fruity Ale Buttermilk Pie with Citrus and Graham Cracker Crust is a summer pie recipe to turn that oven on for! A simple graham cracker crust is made from graham cracker crumbs, sugar and butter. Filled with an addicting filling made of buttermilk, orange juice, lemon juice, sugar and some necessary binding […]

Lime Meringue Tarts

Made of an addicting lime filling and a silky meringue, these lime meringue tarts are perfect for summer!

Sugar Cookie Cake

This sugar cookie cake is super simple to make and even simpler to gobble up!

Spicy Sweet Potato Galette with Broccoli, Bacon and Balsamic Reduction

How do you like all of that alliteration going on? I tried. I really did. I think “B” is officially my favorite letter, and it’s all thanks to this spicy sweet potato galette with broccoli, bacon and balsamic reduction (or maybe “S” is my favorite letter? hmmm..). So I was asking myself the other day, […]

20 Pie Recipes That Make My Heart Pitter Patter

  Happy March everyone! We are one step closer to Spring. I bet that excites just about everyone (at least everyone that I know). Hey, did you guys know that March 14th is Pi Day?! Welp, it is. My good friends over at and I would like to celebrate with you! There’s not much […]