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Thai-Style Chicken Salad

  Well I haven’t been feeling 100% lately. It’s a mix of things really, but I definitely feel a sinus infection coming on. =( As a result, the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. I knew that last night’s dinner had to be something simple. Something simple enough, that Zach could take the […]

Portobello Fries and a Happy IPA Day!

  Happy International IPA Day everyone! I feel like there is a holiday for everything these days, but this “holiday” is especially awesome because it involves beer and one of my personal favorite brew styles: the IPA. What I love about IPAs are all the sub-categories that go along with them. Good IPAs aren’t too […]

Pretzel Bites with Homemade Honey Mustard

  There are few things more satisfying than a really great homemade soft pretzel. After our backpacking trip, I was craving just about everything in the book (that wasn’t Annie’s Mac and Cheese — this is basically what I ate for 3 nights straight). For some odd reason, pretzels came into my mind. I knew, […]

Reuben Club Sandwiches with Apple Slaw

  Every once in a while I just crave a reuben sandwich…a good reuben sandwich. They are hard to come by you know. I’ve been reluctant to make them because Zach absolutely hates sauerkraut. I know, I know, the list of foods he doesn’t like just keeps growing. I do kind of understand his hate […]

Mini Crab Cakes with an Asian Plum Sauce

We love a good crab cake around here. I really think that a really great crab cake is hard to come by. They are so often made with too much bread (panko or some other binding agent) or sometimes it goes the complete other direction, and they aren’t made with enough of the “extras.” Extras […]

Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas … with a spicy salsa!

So in preparation for the winter weather that is headed our way, we decided we would soak up as much “grill time” as humanly possible. It’s a good thing I planted all those veggies and herbs. I’m sure they will just love the snow! Just kidding, I promise to bring them inside. Good thing I […]

Crispy Duck Salad with a Dried Cherry Compote

We’ve been on quite a duck kick lately. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just so freaking good. We can’t get enough of it. What’s so great about duck, is that it isn’t terribly expensive, so when we see it, we have to buy it. When we roast a duck, we usually incorporate it into a […]