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Paired with a Pilsner Recipe for Avocado Ranch Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups is a healthy and delicious way to spice up your next lunch! A simple avocado ranch dressing is made from a homemade base and a touch of avocado. It is then tossed with shredded chicken breast, crispy bacon, heirloom tomatoes, and scallions. Scooped …

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Paired with a Blonde Ale This recipe for grilled fingerling potato salad with chia seed ranch dressing is perfect for your next picnic! Fresh fingerling potatoes are boiled and then charred on the grill. They are then tossed with fresh green onions and jalapeños for some spice. Drizzle some vegan homemade chia seed ranch dressing …

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Recipe for Fried Ricotta Cheese Salad with Sautéed Mushrooms is a fun way to get that daily green intake! 

Charred Kale Caesar Salad with Honey Chipotle Chicken is a fun twist on a traditional caesar salad, using kale instead of romaine.

Spring chicken salad is the perfect lunch recipe or picnic potluck recipe! It can be served as a sandwich or all by itself!

You can find the recipe for this crispy coconut chicken salad over on PinkWhen today! Head over and check it out! Happy Thursday, everyone! When you go to plan your menu for the weekend, make sure that you add this crispy coconut chicken salad recipe that I’m sharing over on PinkWhen today. I adore this …

Topped with fresh fennel and avocado and an utterly glorious spiced honey vinaigrette, this citrus salad with cool you down and warm you up all at the same time!