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Baked Polenta with Classic Chicken Parmesan

This baked polenta with classic chicken parmesan is my twist on a classic Italian dish. Polenta is cooked to creamy perfection and then baked off briefly in a hot oven. The chicken parmesan is dredged in a mixture of bread crumbs and spices and then cooked traditionally in a hot skillet. Lastly, the chicken parmesan […]

Goat Cheese Polenta with Balsamic Mushrooms

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Zach and I hibernated all weekend as we got a significant amount of snow which was fine by me. I like when I get trapped inside. It almost forces me to get things done, but at a leisurely pace instead of a rushed one. […]

Just Me, Cilantro and a Polenta Pizza this Monday Evening

Well Zachary has left us yet again. He’s off to Texas for a couple of days, and I’m here holding up the fort (or is it “down the fort,” I never really understood that saying). Well not really a fort, but a condo with a dog and some beautiful sunny, yet cool weather. It really […]