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Rosemary and Pecorino Butter Crackers

Let’s just say I have tried to make crackers before, and I’ve been completely unsuccessful. I actually think I may have burned a batch at one point. I decided to give it another go. I was a bit more successful this time around. This time I decided to incorporate some more butter and cheese and […]

Sea-Salted Peanut Butter Brownie Bars

As I was going through past recipes, I realized that I have yet to make brownies! I know right?! They are obviously one of the most delicious baked goods on the planet. I really don’t know what I was thinking by looking these beauties over. This is the problem we have in our house. Sure […]

Striped Bass with Mango Salsa and White Wine Reduction

Zach and I knew that we wanted fish last night, but that was about all that we knew. We played things a little differently yesterday and decided to just wing it: we would figure out what we were making once we got to the grocery store. The first step was to find the perfect filets. […]

Double Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Biscotti

Anise-free biscotti that is. There are few things on the planet that I dislike, and star anise or anything that tastes like black licorice is one of them. This may be why I dislike fennel so much, unless someone cooks the crap out of it. Then it’s ok. Maybe you can begin to understand why […]

Mexican-Style Pulled Pork Tacos

Sometimes you just crave a taco, and if you’re Zach or I, you crave tacos at least once or twice a week. We’ve tackled the fish taco, which is always a winner. We’ve also outdone ourselves with a buffalo chicken taco that was absolutely to die for, but we love buffalo chicken, so of course […]

Creamy Sweet Potato Mash via Chopped Theme Date Night!

Zach and I decided we would try something new this weekend and have a Chopped theme date night. We LOVE Chopped. It is by far one of our favorite shows to watch. We even have some of the reruns DVRed which is strange I know, but still fun. I’ve been wanting to do this for […]

Dreaming of Summertime with Greek-Style Couscous Salad

Do you ever just crave “summertime” food? I know that I do. I love everything about the winter: the food, the snow, the outdoor fun and the cold, but I do enjoy a summertime meal every once in a while. One meal that just screams “summertime” is a cold pasta salad and barbecue chicken. Zach […]

Stuffed Pizzettes with a Red Pepper Sauce

Zach and I LOVE pizza. Unfortunately, we live in an area that isn’t really known for making a really good pie. Sure we have found a couple of pretty good artisan pizza shops, but nothing like that of the East coast. I don’t think there will be anyone that will measure up to the pizza […]

Apple and Carrot Spice Muffins

There’s not much better out there than a really good, hearty muffin. Muffins are such a diverse food. You can have sweet muffins, savory muffins, sweet and savory muffins. You can make them as healthy as you want or as unhealthy as you want. The choice is really yours. I really wanted to try to […]