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Chilled Apple Slaw

Paired with a Pilsner or Summer Wheat Ale Chilled apple slaw recipe makes for the perfect topping on a summer hot dog! A refreshing way to celebrate the warm summer months, this chilled apple slaw is crisp and refreshing. Diced apples are tossed with sliced celery and some finely chopped jalapeno for some heat. Mixed […]

Pretzel Hot Dogs with Maple Bacon Mustard

Pretzel Hot Dogs with Maple Bacon Mustard are the perfect snack or appetizer recipe with the perfect dipping sauce!! These mini hot dog bites are wrapped in a super easy pretzel dough, boiled and then baked to a golden perfection in a 400 degree F oven. The maple bacon mustard sauce is simply a mixture […]

Tex Mex Hot Dogs with Cilantro Cream Drizzle

  Now that Easter is over, all I want is picnic food. Honestly though, I crave picnic time all times of year, but it’s starting to get a little bit out of control. In the end, I just really feel bad for Zach, who will probably have to eat cold pasta and potato salads, hot […]

Pulled Pork Hot Dogs with Broccoli Slaw

  So we’ve decided to go back down this lovely road called “pulled pork road” once again. We had a pork shoulder just hanging out in the freezer, so it was about that time. The problem with trying to feed two people with one pork butt (or pork shoulder — same thing) is that you […]

Chicken Dogs with Watermelon Salsa

  Yes, I made it back safe and sound from the East coast. Thank you so much for asking! It was such a great visit, but I’m also happy to be getting back into the groove of things! Also, I missed you all like crazy! … and Cilantro. I really, really missed Cilantro (and Zach […]