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Tex Mex Hot Dogs with Cilantro Cream Drizzle

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Now that Easter is over, all I want is picnic food. Honestly though, I crave picnic time all times of year, but it’s starting to get a little bit out of control. In the end, I just really feel bad for Zach, who will probably have to eat cold pasta and potato salads, hot dogs and hamburgers for the next month. ;) It’s ok though. At least he doesn’t have to cook dinner! Last night I made Tex Mex Hot Dogs. They were a total win. Hot dogs may just be my favorite part of summer. Even though, they are fun to jazz up, sometimes you just want a hot dog with a drizzle of ketchup. This hot dog in particular is an example of a “jazzed-up version.” Feel free to substitute any hot dog you like: chicken, turkey, beef, etc; and try not to burn the buns like I did (see visuals). :) I like a little char to my food (I know it’s totally weird), but I can bet that most of you don’t! If you want to go ahead and start planning your Memorial Day menu soon, add these hot dogs to your hot dog bar, and have your guests construct their own! It’s such a fun way to have a picnic and it’s easy too!






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Beer Love:
Beer: Pub Dog Brewing’s Rabid Hop
Brewery: Pub Dog Brewing
Style: Imperial/Double IPA
ABV: 8.5%
Description: I wanted a strong IPA for this beer pairing. I think it was the spicy kick you get from the peppers and salsa that really needed an Imperial IPA. Zach and I just had the chance to try Rabid Hop. I really love this beer for the warmer months. It’s a really great Double IPA with citrus, floral and piney notes. This beer was only brewed once, so if you can still get a bottle, I highly suggest that you do. If not, any of your favorite Double IPAs would be perfect for the job!








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10 Responses

  1. So my husband and I were never really able to picnic much when we lived in Arizona because it was so stinkin hot, however Colorado is much more agreeable when it comes to picnics. My husband would be in heaven if I made these hot dogs or any hot dogs for that matter! I love love the cilantro cream drizzle you added to them, cilantro is the best!

    1. Oh my, I can’t even imagine how hot it can get there. I’ve never experienced a true Arizona summer. I personally think CO is the best place for picnics, because it hardly ever rains and it’s not SUPER hot! I agree, Cilantro is the best … this may be why we named our dog after the tasty herb. ;)

  2. I love picnics, and these delicious looking tex mex hot dogs would make for one amazing picnic! Pinned :)

  3. I love a little char to my food too! When I make toast, I pull Shawn’s out about half way thru when it’s “normal” toasted, but keep my going until it’s about 5 seconds from being burnt. These hot dogs sound SO GOOD! Avocado makes just about everything better : )

  4. Whoa, these hot dogs look amazing. I am secretly super obsessed with a good hot dog and your version definitely fits the bill! Seriously, my husband mentioned recently that I’ve been making hot dogs quite a bit lately, but I just can’t help it. I have a feeling that won’t change much after seeing your gorgeous pictures. Yay for grilling and picnic food :)

    1. They are so great aren’t they?! I’m so happy that grilling season has finally arrived, even though I tend to force Zach out to the grill in the dead of winter. Ha! I get on hot dog sprees sometimes too. It’s nothing to be ashamed of ;).

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