Mini Crab Cakes with an Asian Plum Sauce

We love a good crab cake around here. I really think that a really great crab cake is hard to come by. They are so often made with too much bread (panko or some other binding agent) or sometimes it goes the complete other direction, and they aren’t made with enough of the “extras.” Extras include panko, seasonings galore, an egg or two, mayo, etc. You get the point. I was totally craving a good crab cake last week and unfortunately had to wait until last night to make them, but it was so worth the wait. These crab cakes were delish and the sauce was equally as delicious, if not slightly better. They were also tiny! So you can eat more! That’s a win-win combination in my book. These cakes are great for entertaining and I also thought that they would be a great recipe for those Memorial Day get togethers that you may be starting to plan! Give them a go and let me know what you think! Also, the beer pairing with these little devils is one of the best ever. I can hardly contain my excitement =).


It’s only natural that we would want to pair these crab cakes with a beer that’s been brewed with plums. Only makes sense right? And when you have the ability to acquire a beer that’s been brewed with plums, it’s an extra special day in my book. So anyway, if you’ve never had Sierra Nevada’s Ovila Abbey Quad you are surely missing out. It’s super rich with caramel notes, but you have that extra special sweetness that comes from the beer being brewed with plums. It’s only available every once in a while, so when you see it, pick up a bottle. If you wait until the next time your at the liquor store, you will surely be sorry because I can almost guarantee it will be sold out. In fact, the entire Ovila series is superb, so anytime you see anything with “Ovila” printed on the bottle, pick it up. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Be careful with this brew though! It isn’t light and the alcohol content isn’t low. Just a warning!

These cakes can totally be made ahead of time too. If you decide that you want to entertain with them, make the patties ahead of time and refrigerate. They will keep for about a day. Then all you have to do is heat up some oil and fry them up. It will literally take you 10 minutes when you go to make them. The plum sauce can also be made ahead of time and is great on toast =). I love multiple uses for great spreads!

Okie doke. I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend! I know that we will! Tomorrow I am doing are favorite recipes for Memorial Day and I’m super duper excited about it. Happy Friday!