Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese


So it begins. I may have mentioned yesterday that I slow-cooked a pork shoulder roast on Sunday, so we will officially be eating pork for the next week. I mean there’s only two of us and this roast was over 7 pounds! It’s really horrible of me to complain though. The pork came out so delicious, and I knew that for my first dish I had to go above and beyond just a regular pulled pork sandwich. In today’s post we put together a pulled pork grilled cheese. Who knew that grilled cheese can taste even better with pulled pork and homemade slaw! I mean I love it all by it’s lonesome, but the pork and slaw take it to a whole new level. A level that has gone straight to the moon and hasn’t even returned yet! Yup, it’s pretty much that amazing. We paired it with Boulevard Brewing’s Bully Porter (we are on quite the Boulevard kick here lately), and the pairing could not have gone more perfectly.

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Pork shoulder roast is one of those cuts of meat that when treated correctly, can be one of the most perfect cuts of meat out there. It gets a bad rap sometimes, and I don’t get it. It’s all in the preparation. You aren’t going to get a perfectly cooked pork shoulder roast if you cook it quickly. It HAS to be cooked low and slow to really get that great flavor and that “fall of the bone” effect. The great thing about making pulled pork is that it takes almost no hands on time. It just takes a while to cook is all, and if you own a slow cooker (this can also be cooked in the oven on low heat) then you can start it when you leave for work and it will be done by the time you get home. That sounds pretty great to me.

These sandwiches are the perfect weeknight meal. Once the pork is cooked, the rest is child’s play. It’s perfect with tomato soup, so I suggest going this route. Unless it’s 100 degrees F outside. Don’t do that. As for beer, we are in love with Boulevard Brewing lately. We picked up a sampler pack at the store on Sunday, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that instead of giving you 3 of 4 different types of beer they give you 2 of 6 different types of beer! This is such a great idea! I don’t know why more breweries don’t do it. The Bully Porter was inside. It is a great, solid porter, and porters go great with dishes like pulled pork. If you’re feeling extra courageous, sub the beer in for the chicken broth in this recipe. You will really add some depths of flavor if you go that route!

I hope everyone is surviving the week! I wish I could tell you that it’s almost over, but here we are. Have a great Tuesday everyone!