Reuben Club Sandwiches with Apple Slaw


Every once in a while I just crave a reuben sandwich…a good reuben sandwich. They are hard to come by you know. I’ve been reluctant to make them because Zach absolutely hates sauerkraut. I know, I know, the list of foods he doesn’t like just keeps growing. I do kind of understand his hate for sauerkraut. It’s kind of an acquired taste, and it took me quite a few years to develop a love for it. I think it was all of those years of my mom and dad insisting I eat it on New Years for good luck and prosperity. Is this a tradition in anyone else’s household? Well, it was in mine. Anyway, this is not the point. What I’m TRYING to get at, is that I had yet to come up with a reuben-style recipe that Zach would enjoy just as much as I would…until now that is. I decided to skip the sauerkraut all together in this reuben sandwich. I’m sorry if this offends anyone. I truly understand if it does. Instead of the traditional cabbage, I decided to go with a slaw…an apple slaw with a honey and poppyseed dressing. It was perfection. This sandwich was perfection. The beer we paired it with was perfection. I almost forgot the absence of sauerkraut! Almost.







Besides the actual curing of the meat and the making of the cheese, this recipe is a great homemade lunch/dinner idea. In the recipe below, I provided a recipe for a homemade version of Russian (or Thousand Island) dressing. This, like most other salad dressings, is so incredibly easy to make. It will store in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. If you’ve never given homemade dressings a try, I suggest you do. You will save a ton of money and it will taste a lot better too =).

Oh and try this homemade sandwich bread on for size. It is the absolute perfect bread for this recipe. Country White Bread with Oats and Honey
It has the perfect amount of sweetness to tone down the acidity in the sandwich.

I really thought that a sour was the only way to go with for this beer pairing, and The Bruery makes a great one. Actually they make several great ones, but for today’s pairing we are going with Sour in the Rye..well…because it’s fantastic that’s why. Sour in the Rye is just one of those beers that you wait for. It’s distributed annually and it’s availability is usually pretty limited, but when you can get your hands on one, please do so. It’s oaky, sour goodness is perfect with this sandwich because the sandwich is just a tad sour as well. You would think it would be a little too much, but it’s not at all. They really compliment each other and make for the perfect beer pairing.

Well it’s Friday. You did it. Congratulations. You should be proud. I hope everyone is staying out of the heat this weekend. If you live in the West/Southwest, you are in for a crazy couple of days. Have a great weekend everyone!