The Biggest, Fluffiest, Sweetest Dinner Rolls…Ever!


So the idea behind this recipe was to use these rolls for our Buffalo Turkey Meatball Sliders, and we did in fact use these rolls for that recipe. I wanted to make a sweeter-type dinner roll to help out the spiciness of the meatballs. The rolls didn’t come out EXACTLY how I had planned. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. First of all, they rose a lot more than I thought they would. Sure, I knew they would rise, but I didn’t know they would end up rising to the moon! Maybe I should have just used the store-bought slider rolls, but how much fun would that NOT be!? I guess this is what happens when I try to alter a perfectly good dinner roll recipe. Do you remember the Sweet Honey Dinner Rolls? Yes they are perfectly delicious, but not fluffy enough. Anyway, these rolls in particular are huge. I’m not going to lie, but they are so delicious (and of course fluffy) and they paired pretty well with the meatball sliders (not that I could really fit them into my mouth — a fork and knife was definitely needed). They really are the biggest, fluffiest, sweetest dinner rolls you will ever make.






As it is with all bread-like recipes, patience is a virtue. I mean this in the strongest sense of the word(s). Bread should never be rushed. You will need the perfect amount of time for rising. This varies depending on your environment — if you are in a warm place, it will rise faster — if you are in a cool place, it may just take forever. Catch my drift? These rolls need just as much time as any other bread recipe. The dough needs to double in size before you do anything to it.

You may notice that beer was used in this recipe. This was necessary for us, but not 100% necessary if you don’t want to use it. You will need to make up for the lack of liquid if you decide to not use the beer. Just throw in 4 ounces more of pineapple juice. It will be a tad sweeter, but it won’t be out of control. I promise.

As for beer pairings, I thought a brown ale would work perfectly. Brown ales are normally brewed with brown sugar. They have a touch of sweetness and a touch of maltiness and Bear Republic’s Peter Brown Tribute Ale is a perfect one. You may have seen this brew before since it’s won almost every beer award on the planet. I promise you that it lives up to the hype. It’s perfect with dessert, pastries and especially bread! Give it a try!

Well the week is coming to an end. Yay! Have a great day everyone!