Mediterranean Olive Couscous Salad


I thought I might take a break from sweet treats. It seems like that’s all I’ve been doing this week! We are still quite a ways from Valentine’s Day, but I just couldn’t help myself. Check out my Vanilla Cupcakes and Red Velvet Soft Sugar Cookies if you haven’t yet! They are full of Valentine’s Day deliciousness. So anyway, to lighten things up, I threw this Mediterranean olive couscous salad into the mix. No, I did not combine this with the sweets. I promise. I merely whipped up this salad to balance out the level of sugar my body took in this week. So anyway, this salad is great. It’s great warm or cold, and I know we are a ways a way from “picnic season,” this recipe is great for an outdoor get together. It’s light, refreshing and a cinch to whip up. It will keep in the fridge for a couple of days, making it a great daytime snack. Whip it up ASAP!







Beer Love:

Beer: He’Brew Jewbelation Reborn (17)
Brewed By: Shmaltz Brewing
Style: American Strong Ale
ABV: 17.0%
Description: This 17th Anniversary brew is like no other beer I’ve ever had. In celebration of their anniversary, Shmaltz Brewing brewed this delicious concoction with 17 hops and 17 malts. It is also 17.0% in alcohol content! There are so many flavors going, like chocolate, coffee and dark fruits. It’s fruity notes is what drew me to pair it with this salad. The beer really compliments the heavy olive taste of this recipe. It’s a great beer and a great beer pairing. Pick up a bottle while you still can!








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