Mango Nectarine Summer Salad with Garlic, Lime Marinated Shrimp

Zach and I have been eating a lot of heavy things lately, so tonight we decided to mix it up and prepare a light summer salad packed full of fresh fruits and veggies! Now we aren’t sure about you all on the East coast, but in the West to Mid-West, Mango Nectarines are just coming into season. This juicy fruit is delicious all by itself, but when cut up and put on a salad or transformed into a sultry vinaigrette it’s flavors take on a whole new meaning! We livened up this recipe with garlic and lime shrimp with a touch of cilantro so read ahead for a scrumptious, yet healthy and light dinner option!

We start off with a basic bed of greens. A mixture of spinach, red and green leaf lettuce will work just fine. We then top it with a mixture of strawberries, mango nectarines, toasted pine nuts, cucumbers, and more. After the shrimp has been sautéed, we drizzle with our very own Mango Nectarine Vinaigrette and serve and not only do our tummies feel satisfied, but so do our minds!

Dogfish Head Festina Peche with Mango Nectarine Summer Salad

For this meal, we decided to pair it with a Berliner Weisse. Dogfish Head makes a great one with their Festina Peche which can be found in the early summer months. This Berliner Weisse pairs well with this light summer salad because it has a tart, sour taste that goes well with the tartness from the citric acid from the fruits. The peach in this beer isn’t pungent, but subtle. It has just enough flavor to bring out the sweetness of the tart fruits.

We hope you enjoy just as much as we did!

Mango Nectarine Summer Salad Fixings!

Mango Nectarine Summer Salad Finished!