Chile and Lime Marinated Surf and Turf Kebabs

When we think about summer, we often think about burgers and hot dogs and grilling with friends and family. But, I think we tend to forget about another wonderful treat that is really easy to prepare with friends and cooks well on a grill: kebabs! A kebab is like a burger, its a platform for your imagination to just run wild. Like toppings on a burger, you can put just about anything that your mind can imagine on a kebab. For practical purposes, kebabs are fantastic since you can easily prepare some meats and some veggies and let everyone make his or her own meal. This way, the vegetarians in the crowd can avoid the meat and those that are carnivorous creatures, can pile on the meat. With kebabs, you can please everyone with very little stress. Here however, we decided to go with a non vegetarian kebab but one that takes from a very famous steakhouse and seafood restaurant dish: surf and turf. But, instead of a lobster tail and a filet on a plate, we go with less expensive ingredients and pile them onto skewers to make a succulent kebab that will have your mouth watering.

The three key ingredients to these surf and turf kebabs are a steak (we went with a ribeye), a fish (something like mahi mahi or sea bass would be perfect) and a shell fish (shrimp or sea scallops). Then, to make the kebabs colorful, select a variety of vegetables and fruit. Here, we use zucchini (green), onion (white), bell pepper (red), and pineapple (yellow) to make an absolutely festive kebab. With just a few metal skewers, you are ready to pile on the ingredients and make your guests happy.

However, here, we take it to another level by not just piling on the the ingredients, but instead taking some time to infuse delicious, unique flavors into the meat and seafood. When we think about summer, there are few things that come to mind quicker than chilies and citrus. So, we prepared a tangy marinade with fresh hatch chilies, roasted garlic, and lime juice to marinate the steak. Letting the marinade infuse into the meat and seafood overnight makes for a moist and succulent ribeye and a fantastic combination of heat and citrus to bring out more flavor in the somewhat light seafood. You can marinade for just an hour or so if you are in a rush, but, if you have the time, do it the night before . . . it will be worth it.

Kebabs are something to have fun with and are perfect for parties. We hope that you find this recipe useful for your next cookout!


Ribeye steak, mahi mahi, and shrimp are ready for marinating.

The vegetables and pineapple are chopped and ready to go!

Chile and lime marinated surf and turf kebabs are ready for the grill. The marinade is thick and covers the steak!

Chile and lime marinated surf and turf kebabs are done and it is grilling time!

Chile and lime marinated surf and turf kebabs.

Red chili sauce with surf and turf kebabs.