Lemon Butter Bars

There are few things in this world that Zach does not like, but there is one thing that he absolutely can not stand and that is lemon. Unfortunately for me, I love lemon. Let’s just say we don’t have many “lemony” dishes in this household. I’ve been craving lemon lately though, so I decided to just go with it. Instead of creating something savory, I decided to go with a dessert; mostly because it will last a couple of days and I can savor. =) I went with a lemon bar, but made it fantastic and added just “a little” bit of butter. This recipe for Lemon Butter Bars was one of the best I’ve ever had, and I’m so happy to share it with you.

Now, I should start by telling you that this recipe is an adaptation from many, many other recipes for Lemon Butter Cake. Most recipes call for a spring form pan (most commonly used for cheesecakes). Unfortunately, we do not own one. Not because we don’t want to make cheesecake because we do! We just haven’t dived into that culinary journey yet =). Soon though, soon. In the end, I would suggest just sucking it up and buying one. They’re like $15 at Target. I used a 9x11in glass dish. This ended up working just fine, but it doesn’t look as pretty as if it were baked in a spring form pan. It ended up becoming a bar recipe instead of a cake recipe. Oh well, the results were just the same and it was fabulous.

Have fun!


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Lemon Butter Bars!