Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola

I decided to mix things up a bit today. I don’t often do these recipes early in the day. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever made these recipes earlier than 3 pm. I don’t know why! The lighting for the pictures is so much better! I told Zach, that I’m going to start making our dinners during breakfast, just because the light is that much better. Don’t you agree? Hey, we are somewhat new at this. We can only get better! Anyway, back to the point, I decided to go with a homemade granola. I’ve been wanting to make my own rendition here for a while. It keeps well and it’s not only the perfect, hearty breakfast, it’s the perfect snack too!

So, I didn’t pair this dish with a beer…for obvious reasons. I suggest a cup of OJ or a Latte. I had fun making this granola. It was easy and the end result was delicious.

I am not a huge fan of oatmeal. I don’t know if it’s the odd texture, but I’ve never loved it. I do however love granola. Chunks of crispy goodness, combined with whatever flavors you want! That’s what is so great about granola, you can add almost anything you want! The possibilities are endless!

Granola Goodness

Yum Yum

I decided to take this granola recipe to the next level. This recipe is a blend of rolled oats, dark brown sugar, molasses, chocolate peanut butter cups, dried mango slices and more. Oh and not to mention the second most important part – the cashews!

The mango is a great addition to this dish, but dried banana slices would be great as well. I think that’s what I will do next time!

Chunks of Awesomeness

Chocolate Makes Everything Better

There were two important things I learned from making this recipe for the first time. Number one, you want chunks! Don’t try to make these into perfect little pieces! The more chunks the better, and the bigger the better (to an extent). Number two, wait for the granola to cool before you put the chocolate in, unless you want a chocolatey mess. Don’t get me wrong, the chocolatey mess is delicious. It’s just not as pretty as it would have been with chunks of chocolate instead of melted chocolate. It’s totally up to you though. If a chocolatey mess is what you’re going for, then go for it!

Nuts are the Second Ingredient in Making Everything Better!

Mango is the Third Ingredient in Making Everything Better!

This dish is so easy, and although it’s not super quick to make, it keeps for days if you keep it sealed up. It’s one of those things you can make ahead of time and save for a week of delicious, nutritious breakfast, and if you’re super crazy then lunch and dinner too!

This is a great recipe for kids too. Not only does it have some very important nutrients (especially if you top with some fresh fruit..banana is best I think), but it’s chocolatey too. If you’re trying to convert some to a granola for breakfast, start with this recipe.

So Easy…Have fun!