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Day 11 – Lusikkaleivat (Spoon Cookies)

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This is another one of those cookie recipes that I just had to try. I’ve had them before, but I’ve never actually made them. Since this year we have decided to make every cookie imaginable, these were of course at the top of our list! I didn’t realize that they would be so easy though! I was kind of frightened when I was reading many variations of the recipe online, but once I started at it, I was pleasantly surprised! Not to mention that the name is a bit terrifying. I still have yet to learn how to pronounce them! From now on, we are just going to stick with “spoon cookies” since it makes perfect sense and they are much easier to pronounce =).

This is another one of those traditional cookie recipes that I just had to learn the history of. Aren’t you ever just devouring a cookie and sit back to think about where it may have come from!? If a recipe has never done that to you before, let this one be the first! I mean the name itself just screams “get to know me!”

A Finnish Tradition.

This cookie obviously comes from a Scandinavian area of the world. I think that’s pretty easy to figure out given it’s name, but did you know if comes out of Finland!? It’s actually most popular these days at Finnish festivals and Christmas markets where rug weaving is a true art! Bet you didn’t know that, did ya? Anyway, this cookie is a Finnish tradition brought over to the good old USA for all of us to enjoy. It’s very popular back in it’s homeland at both Christmas and Easter and everyone and their mother (literally) knows this recipe like the back of their hand.


This recipe is simple people, but you have to make sure you get it right; and getting the brown butter right is the first step. If you’ve never made brown butter before, the task can be daunting, but it can be as equally rewarding. Zach and I cook with brown butter a lot, and it’s one of those things in which practice makes perfect and your patience is rewarded. Brown butter basically involves melting butter on the stove top at a low to medium heat (depending on your stovetop) and letting it continue to bubble and cook until it begins to brown. The problem arises when you let the butter go to far. It can literally go from brown to burnt in a matter of seconds. Once you smell hints of nutty goodness and you see little brown bits forming on the bottom of the pan it’s time to to remove from heat and transfer immediately to a cool dish. Brown butter is great for tossing pasta in and it is equally as great in these cookies. So give it a try sometime. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Brown, nutty butter deliciousness.

Another important component to this cookie, is getting the spoon shape right. Be sure you use a regular teaspoon (like you would use for tea), not a “measuring” teaspoon. I gather that most of you can handle figuring that one out =). Be sure you really pack that dough in and make sure it’s smooth. Get rid of any excess dough that’s hanging over the edges and be careful when you are slipping it off the spoon and onto the cookie sheet. This dough can crack, so be careful.

Be sure to use a utensil teaspoon and not a “measuring” teaspoon!

I hope you all enjoy this trip back to Finland, and if you’ve never been there give it a go and plan a trip! I’ve never been their either =(. Soon though…Zach *hint hint* Zach…=)

Take a trip to Finland sometime!


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