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Sugar Cookie Batter Cake Pops

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Cake pops for the win! 

I’ve wanted to make cake pops for a long time. My mom was kind enough to get me a mold for Christmas one year. The problem was that when I tried to find the mold, I couldn’t. I later realized that it’s still packed away in my baking supplies. A couple of days ago, I decided to go with it and just make them by hand. Wow, what an eventful, exhilarating process that really decided to test my patience! I wanted to do something different than your just traditional sugar cookie, so I decided to turn a similar type dough for a cookie into a cake batter and go from there. Let’s just say, I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to make these things, which is why I’m a day late and why Zach had to come save me from my very own self-destruction. These Sugar Cookie Batter Cake Pops are fun, delicious and the perfect recipe to end our series.

Do yourself a favor, if you have a mold…USE IT. Please dear God, just USE IT! Don’t put yourself through what I just put myself through. You will for sure regret it. Let’s be honest with each other, this is probably one of the hardest recipes I’ve ever tried to tackle. If I would have just stuck to your everyday cake pop recipe, I would have been more successful the first time around, but no, I just had to use a “sugar cookie” batter cake. What the heck is wrong with me? Thank God, Zach was there to save the day…AGAIN.

A couple of things before I share with you the musts for this recipe. If you don’t have patience, just forget it all together. You will laugh. You will cry. You will cry so hard you laugh, and laugh so hard you cry. Trust me. This does not take an hour to bake. It will actually probably take you at least a whole day (as in 24 hours) when all is said and done. I tried to rush it. I shouldn’t have. My first attempt ended in a goopey disastrous mess. I then cried and threw a fit, and Zach had to take over. Which he did, and he produced something pretty miraculous: beautiful cake pops exactly the way I had intended. Yay Zachy!

Be prepared before you start and go get everything you are going to need. This goes above and beyond edible ingredients and frilly decorations. Get your chocolates and melts. Get a large styrofoam block to stick your pops in to dry. Be sure you have lollipop sticks! IMPORTANT! It’s not a cake pop without a lollipop stick. Have something to package them in. I bought little treat bags from Michaels and wrapped a ribbon around them. Do this. It’s cheap and it’s a nice way to store them.

FOLLOW OUR DIRECTIONS! Don’t even try to skip a step. You will regret it. Make sure you let your chocolate drip off the pop. You will regret it if you don’t. Let everything chill exactly how we say to chill it, or you will most certainly regret it.

*Please Note* That it does not take over 12 hours to actually prep these, however it takes a ton of inactive time, so plan accordingly. It will take you a day or two to actually get an end product.

If…you…have…a…mold…use…it. It is not worth it to try to do it by hand. I don’t care what anyone tells you. Also: Some say that you shouldn’t refrigerate after your chocolate has hardened. They say the chocolate with crack. Maybe it has for some. I think this is bogus. I’ve done it and I’ve succeeded. They will last longer. I promise. Just be sure to let your chocolate completely harden before you put in the refrigerator. This is an important step if your storing them this way.

Well, I have to say it’s been a fun run. I am ready to get back to pairing our favorite recipes with beer, but I do hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holiday. It has been fun and I now have enough cookies to feed a small army, and I’m sure you all do too!

Sugar Cookie Batter Cake Pops


30 cake pops

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.

Prep Time 12 hours
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 12 hours 30 minutes


  • 1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cup milk + 2 tbsp divided
  • 2 tbsp warm water
  • 3/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 tbsp vanilla extract divided
  • 8 oz cream cheese softened
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter softened
  • 2 1/2 cup confectioner's sugar
  • chocolate chips/candy melts (for coating)
  • sugars and sprinkles (for garnishing)


  • Heat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9x13in glass dish with a non stick spray and set aside.
  • In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Set aside. In the bowl of your stand mixer, with the paddle attachment fixed, combine the sugar, eggs, milk, water, oil and vanilla until just blended and creamy. Gradually add in the flour mixture in 1/2 cup increments until all is incorporated. If you find the batter to be on the thick side out a couple tablespoons more of water. Pour the batter into the prepared dish and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool the cake upside down on a wire rack for about 20 minutes then transfer the cake to a refrigerator for cool for at least another 2 hours or up to 12 hours.
  • When your cake has completely cooled, crumble the cake into a bowl with your hands until the cake crumbs are fine. Set the bowl aside.
  • In another bowl of you stand mixer, with the whisk attachment fixed, cream together the cream cheese and butter until nice and creamy. Slowly add the powdered sugar into 1/2 cup increments until all is incorporated. Add the milk until the frosting is the consistency that you desire. Add the frosting into your crumbled cake mixture, and mix with a heavy wooden spoon (you're going to need it) until the ingredients are incorporated.
  • Begin rolling your "dough" into 1-2in cake balls. If you find the balls are falling apart add a tablespoon at a time of milk until the balls begin to come together. On a large baking sheet, line with parchment paper, place your balls. You should be able to get about 30 balls in total. Place lollipop sticks in each ball, only going down about half way down the ball. Place the balls in the freezer until completely hardened, about 4 hours or up to 12 hours.
  • After your balls have hardened, start preparing your chocolate. Using a microwave safe deep bowl, melt your chocolates in 30 second increments, stirring in between each increments until all is melted. Dip the balls into the melted chocolate, making sure the ball is fully covered. Let drip for a minute or two upside down then poke the stick (right-side up) into your styrofoam block (which I HIGHLY recommend you use for this). If you do not have a styrofoam block, place ball side down onto a piece of parchment paper. While the chocolate is still wet, garnish with any sugars or sprinkles you desire.
  • Wrap up to keep or refrigerate to keep longer =).

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5 Responses

    1. i don’t want to even begin to describe what my first attempt at cake pops looked like. i hope they tasted good though because that’s really all that matters =)

  1. I make cake pops all the time. After reading your instructions, I can point out things that made your experience difficult. First you added way to much frosting. That makes the pops way too soft and soft pops do not stay on the sticks when trying to coat them in chocolate. Second, after rolling them into the shape you want, put them in the fridge to chill. While they are chilling being to melt your chocolate. When pops are chilled take them out a few at a time and dip part of you stick in chocolate, about 1/4 inch and then put it in the cake pop. When you are done putting the sticks in them place them back in the fridge to chill again. Third, thin your chocolates with shortening, 1/4 teaspoon at a time until it is slightly thinner. That makes the dipping process that much easier.

    1. Hi Monica! Thank you so much for the advice! My first experience making cake pops was horrible. I think I almost had a panic attack, so much so that my boyfriend Zach had to take over. He was able to figure out what should be done (most of what you explained above). I PLAN on attempting them again this year, and I’m 100% using your advice. I wish I had you around last year! Thank you so much! Let’s hope for smoother sailing this time around ;).

  2. Where is the recipe?
    I read the whole thing expecting to find the recipe at the bottom and it wasn’t there. I even went back to the top to press the jump to recipe button, and nothing happened?

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