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Deconstructed Pork Enchiladas w/ Creamy Tomatillo Sauce

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Well, it’s more like an enchilada pie, but we will get more into that later. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it’s delicious. The original thought process behind this recipe was to use duck, but SURPRISE! No one has duck right now. Well one store had it, but it was about $30 for a small duckling. I obviously did not like this price. It’s ridiculous, I know. Do these grocery stores not realize that people enjoy duck on other days besides Christmas and Easter? I really just don’t get it, but I had to improvise anyway and decided to go with pork. It wasn’t like the duck was going to magically appear on my back door step (not that I have a back door step, but you get the point). I’m bored with chicken and turkey lately, and the idea of using pork sounded a heck of a lot better. It completely met our expectations in the end, and I almost completely forgot about the duck fiasco…until now that is!.


If you’ve ever had a duck taco, you will understand why I wanted to use duck in the first place for this enchilada bake, but I assume that you figured we would have moved past the duck talk by now. I’m with you. It’s time to move on.


So let’s talk pork. In all honestly, meat brings your boring old cheese enchilada dish to life. I feel like chicken is the most common use of meat in enchiladas. I find pork to be more flavorful and like I mentioned before, I’m sick of chicken. These enchiladas became more of a Mexican lasagna, and really in the end became more of a Mexican lasagna pie. I really really like these baking dishes that Zach’s mom got us for Christmas this year, and I hardly ever get to use them because I hardly ever make pies. So I decided to transform this enchilada recipe into a deconstructed enchilada pie. I really think it came out absolutely adorable, and I don’t hate the fact that I had to deconstruct =).


What makes this dish so special you ask? Even if you didn’t ask, I’m going to tell you anyway. The sauces totally make this dish. The red sauce is very similar to your everyday enchilada sauce, but so much cooler than that! The combination of two different types of peppers along with the addition of fire-roasted tomatoes brings a smokey, lively flavor to the enchiladas. It tastes perfect with the pork itself. The creamy tomatillo sauce was a gamble. We love tomatillos and cook with them a lot. We use them a lot to make salsa verde. This time I wanted a thicker, creamier sauce, but I didn’t want to use avocados. I love avocados, but they go bad quickly, and I want this dish to last a couple of days for left over purpose. If your missing that avocado taste, my suggestion would be to dice one up and add it at the end.

This is a great leftover dish!

We have you told you that spicy goes well with hoppy. This dish will be no different. You NEED an IPA with this dish and Twisted Pine’s Hoppy Boy is a perfect one. It’s orangey, dry and tart and perfect with the spice in this dish. If you can’t get Twisted Pine in your area, try any great IPA.

For those of you that have off tomorrow, enjoy your extended weekend. For those of you who don’t, I’m sorry =(. Have a great night everyone!



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