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Strawberry and Pineapple Sorbet – The Perfect Valentine’s Treat

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Here’s the thing…I really wanted to start this week as “ice pop” week. The problem is that no store in my area carries ice pop molds in the middle of February. Actually, I take that back. One store had them, but they were the cheapo brand and I could just have seen it breaking the minute I tried to use it. I had to resort to the internet where I found a fantabulous, restaurant-grade mold; but I have to wait a week to get it. So unfortunately we have to wait a week for the ice pop fun to begin. I decided to go ahead and make sorbet instead today. We have an ice cream maker because of Zach’s crazy addiction to the stuff. He literally eats almost two quarts a night. I’m not even kidding. If we end up going broke, it’s because we have to buy ice cream 2-3 times a week. Crazy! I know! We do resort to making ice cream sometimes, but never have we made a sorbet. This sorbet came out absolutely perfect and I think it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day treat.



Sorbets are much like smoothies in that they are so versatile. You can make them as healthy as you’d like or as sugary as you’d like. The choice is yours. Sorbets, much like smoothies, provide a very easy way to use up all of that fruit that’s on the verge of going bad. This was my original reason for making the stuff. I had a pound of strawberries that we just weren’t eating. I don’t even remember why I bought them. HA! Anyway, along with some frozen strawberries and pineapple chunks I had in the freezer, I decided to combine and puree. Did I ever mention that it’s a good idea to stock up on frozen fruit? If I didn’t, I’m mentioning it now. They are the perfect snack and you can use them in so many different ways. Stock up the next time you’re at the store!

One thing I’d like to mention if you are using strawberries. Strawberries have seeds and I don’t care how powerful your blender or food processor is, you WILL have seeds in the end. You can get rid of them by pressing the mixture through a mesh strainer. I like the seeds and think they add texture, so I skipped this step.

There’s really no point to the addition of blueberries. I just really like blueberries. Well I guess that is the point, but you get the point. Right?! =)

Sorbets are like smoothies!

No, I didn’t pair this with a beer. What kind of question is that?

Just kidding, but no I would not pair this with a beer. It’s much too sweet and just does not pair well with any beer in my opinion. Try a cocktail instead for this one =), or hey maybe we can take a break from alcohol all together for once! I know that’s dumb. What was I thinking?

I’d suggest not pairing this with a beer.

It would be very difficult to make a sorbet without an ice cream maker. If you don’t have one, I’m sorry. =( If you want one, go buy one! If you think you’ll use it a lot, go buy one! They are so inexpensive these days, that it would be a crime not to own one if you intend on wanting to make ice cream or sorbet a lot. It pays for itself in just a few uses. I promise. There are other options if you want to make a frozen dessert without going out and buying an ice cream maker. Shaved ice is really just fruit and water. Stick it in a glass dish and freeze away. You’ll have a delectable frozen dessert without all the hassle.

Frozen desserts are super easy if done right.

Tomorrow I’m making baby heart cakes with crushed conversation hearts. They are going to be so adorable, you don’t want to miss this one =)…and hopefully next week we can get started on those ice pops! Have a great day everyone!




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