Ramen Noodle Soup

That’s right, it snowed. Well, it’s snowing. Still snowing. At this point, I don’t think it’s ever going to stop. Oh, and it was almost 70 degrees yesterday. Crazy! We all knew it was coming. How bad it would be? We still have yet to know because it’s STILL snowing. You all know that I love the snow, but it’s April now. It’s time to move on to bigger and better things; like warm weather and bikinis and fun in the sun! I guess that’s what we get for living where we live. Not that I’m trying to complain TOO much. I absolutely love where we live. As a result of this monstrosity that is cold weather and wet stuff falling from the sky, we made a ramen noodle soup. I mean it was the perfect excuse to make soup right? At least something good came out of this whole ordeal! Let me just tell you the soup was amazing. It had just a hint of Asian flavor, and was so completely wholesome tasting, I could have eaten it all night. In the end, I just got full, but we all know how that goes. Thank God for leftovers!


Soups are easy to make. Very easy. This soup is even easier to make. I like to think of it as a chicken noodle soup gone wild. Replace the chicken with sausage. Replace the chicken broth with beef broth. Subtract Italian pastas for Asian pastas. Throw a dash of something special (soy sauce) and another dash of something even more special (sriracha), and you have yourself Ramen Noodle Soup! Ok so maybe it’s not the same at all, but the idea is the same!

Saute veggies.

Add your broth.


Add meat and pasta.



Understood? Understood.

So, Zach brought home a case of Boulevard Beer’s Irish Ale. I had never had it. He had never had it. It was however only $11.99, so we thought, what the heck, it can’t be THAT bad. It’s actually kind of funny that we never have had it because apparently it’s a pretty popular brew. It was DE-LIC-IOUS. This beer is so rich and toasty and for a Springtime beer, it’s very warm too! Not temperature warm. That would be bad. More like that warm feeling you get when you take a sip of bourbon. Does that make sense? It does to me, so let’s move along. This is why I thought it paired perfectly with our soup. Warm soup + “warm” beer = the perfect remedy for snow! Did I mention it’s snowing…

Yup, it’s still snowing.

Take a chance and make a different type of soup. Inspired by Asian flavors and the comforts of home this soup is sure to please…but only if you pair it with a great beer of course =).

I go hibernate now. Happy Spring! Not…





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