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Fresh Peach Ice Cream with Caramel

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I find that ice cream brings joy to just about anyone (unless you are allergic to dairy =( this is sad — there are cool alternatives though!), even if that dreaded Monday is upon us. I thought this ice cream was the perfect recipe to share on this beautiful Sunday, especially since the end of the Summer is upon us. Well actually, it’s really not quite the end. I think we all seem to forget that Summer goes until the end of September! I guess for those of you who have kids, Summer has a different kind of meaning. I’m sure most of them are headed back to school here soon, if they haven’t gone back already. Anyway, who cares about this nonsense that is “summer ending.” Let’s talk ice cream! I really wanted to highlight that gorgeous Palisade peach and make something really special. Ice cream was a great way to highlight this flavor, and we (Zach and I) couldn’t have been more pleased with how it came out. Well, Zach especially was pleased because he is an ice cream freak and goes through about a quart per night (seriously…I’m not kidding). It was the perfect amount of peach and the caramel notes just sent it straight over the edge. Much like smoothies, ice cream is a great way to use up a ton of leftover ingredients. The more ripe (without being TOO ripe) the better. Give this recipe a shot. It will definitely make the end of your summers shine! I promise =).






Fun things:

Yeah sure, you can use frozen peaches. I am actually a huge fan of frozen fruit (except for the cost). They are great for smoothies, and equally great for making ice creams. Since this is peach season, I thought it completely appropriate to use the fresh stuff. I won’t make fun of you if you use frozen. Maybe.

I know I have mentioned this in previous ice cream recipes, but ice cream is a tedious process. It’s also not cheap. It’s amazing how much cheaper it is to buy it already made. Ice cream is just one of those foods that unfortunately costs more to make. It’s worth it though! Don’t let this hinder you! You can’t beat the flavors and textures of really fresh ice cream.

I know I have ALSO mentioned this before, but if you plan on making ice creams quite a bit, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE invest in an ice cream maker (a residential one). It will bring new light into your life. You don’t HAVE to churn it, but it won’t be as smooth and rich in the end. I warned you.

The caramel sauce is totally optional. We wanted some extra sweetness in our peach ice cream, but if you aren’t a huge fan of caramel this is totally ok. Just eliminate this from the recipe. It won’t make or break your ice cream.

For our beer pairing today, I strongly considered going the stout right, and then quickly changed my mind. This ice cream is already EXTREMELY rich. Normally, I wouldn’t go light, but I thought it appropriate for it being a Summertime recipe. A peach(y) beer was the only way to go and I could think of no better option than Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche which is a great Summertime brew. I know that we are out of the distribution period of this beer, but it’s still floating around. It’s dry and has a lot of characteristics of a great white wine. It’s crispness and freshness pairs perfectly with this ice cream, and it’s not just because they are both peach!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Later on this week, I will have all of your Labor Day Picnic must haves compiled into one great post! Also, I know that I’m slacking on my Saturday Round Ups, but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be to pull it together! I WILL have one ready for you in two weeks. I promise =).






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